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Our 5-step treatment process


Normally each session takes 40 minutes to an hour.

Percussion Massage to Rock Your World

For patients with years or decades of neck problems, we use percussion massage to loosen up the muscles in the upper back, shoulder and lower neck area. A few minutes of this does wonders for our clients—even the most stubborn of stiff necks do loosen up in a few sessions.

We loosen up sore and tight muscles


Seated Cervical Traction – The Pain That Delivers

Seated traction with two directions of pulling force allows us to customize your cervical traction to your neck. However, as there are many different deviations of the cervical spine with neck cases, we need to adjust what is best for each patient. For example, pure axial traction provided in standard medical care by orthopaedics, physiotherapists or chiropractors may be able to provide you with relief. However, it still doesn’t change the structure of the curve in your neck, and your symptoms will return in months.

We stretch tight tendons

Vibration Traction – Earthquake for Your Spine

Vibration Traction helps to loosen up even the most stubborn necks effectively. Here’s an analogy: think of what an earthquake does to a brick house. Not the most perfect analogy, but you get the idea. We want to loosen up the connective tissue in your neck to allow normal lordosis to form.

We will soften all surrounding tissues


Spinal Manipulation – Wow that Felt Great

We utilize manual spinal adjusting and instrument adjusting for your neck; this is almost like hitting the reset button for your joints sensors and has a pain relief effect.

We give Pain relief and segmental mobility

Neuro-Muscular Re-activation – Say what?

Neuro-Muscular Re-activation is an active rehabilitation technique we use to help restore normal posture and correct your neck. The system that facilitates and controls movement, stability and normal posture is highly adaptive and can be re-calibrated. We use this to help restore your ideal cervical lordosis.

NMR to recalibrate your posture


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