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Dr Neck Pain Reviews

Neck Pain Treatment after Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery - Blake Testimonial for Precision Spine

Blake suffered from chronic neck pain and movement restrictions despite cervical disc replacement surgery. We changed his life with 5 days of intensive treatment at Precision Spine chiropractic clinic in Singapore.

Neck Pain Treatment - Precision Spine Chiropractic Singapore

Charles shares the benefits he has received from his neck pain therapy at Precision Spine chiropractic clinic in Singapore. Treated by Dr Will Kalla

Dr Neck Pain Reviews

Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatment by Precision Spine Chiropractic Singapore for Nadiah

Nadiah IFBB Elite Pro shares her experience on the Therapy she received at Precision Spine by Dr Will Kalla on her Neck and Shoulder Pains.

Our Reviews

Marcus Chhan

Would highly recommend if you want to actually fix your neck pain. The treatment is uncomfortable and not pleasant at times but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding and my quality of life has improved quite a lot from 2-3 headaches a week to maybe just 1 time per week if my workday involves heavy laptop usage. Massages and Physio and Medication offer temporary relief but Dr Will and his team offer a more long term solution which I am I happy to have taken. All the best to the guys at Precision Spine.

Hian Tan

Had good experience with Dr Will and the staff at Precision Spine. I had an intensive 12 sessions and saw a marked improvement in my neck posture at the end of those treatments. You do need to bear with some discomfort during each treatment session and the staff are highly attentive during treatment.

Darabong DD

Completed 12 session with Precision Spine in Aug 2021. Would conclude meeting expectation for my forward neck posture due to prolong phone and computer usage. The technics used by Dr Will are highly effective. The station that caused the most pain happens to be most effective. Nevertheless, the pain is worthwhile since it is targeted at the root cause of problem, by realigning our bone structure to its original position, which i am certain normal cracking will not work. Before and After Xrays results showed clear signs of improvement in neck posture and clearly, I am no longer suffering from daily discomfort now. Would love to have the 32 session package but budget is a concern. The team is caring and attentive. Good Job friends! Rooms for improvement: Dr Will should be more engaging and communicate with patients more. He seem busy all the time and assumes the entire sessions are ‘well automated’. Overall: Did not regret the cost of investment and would recommend it!! Thanks.

Stas Zinchik


Thanks Will and Precision Spine team!! I came to Precision Spine with lower back and neck
pain,… now 3 months after, I feel absolutely well, and not only that my don’t have the pain,
last few months have created habit of right posture, that will help me to maintain my health.
Thanks again… and I really recommend you to give it a try!

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